The Thursday Murder Club summary

The Thursday Murder Club summary

The Thursday Murder Club summary: a novel by Richard Osman

A work from celebrity writers could be a hit or a miss, but the Thursday Murder Club is definitely worth your while. Humourous, charming and beguiling, the story is filled with wit from Richard Osman. It begins with four elderly, who are surprisingly energetic and agile that exercise their brainpower to solve murder cases. The leader of the group – Elizabeth, has recently snatched these files from the police. Elizabeth is one to be reckoned with, with a background no less mysterious and shadowy than the suspects of their case. Her network is wide-ranging and powerful, which may outrun the police themselves.

Next to her is Joyce the ex-nurse, the newest guest in the luxurious retirement village, which houses only the experts of their professions. Joyce is recruited to the Thursday Murder Club solely for her baking talents and partake in wine. Not to be missed in any Crime Comedy is a psychiatrist, and this time the role belongs to Ibrahim. The final pieces of the club are the famous Red Ron and PC Donna de Freitas. Bored out of the skulls, the team joins together not only to solve a mystery, but to also embue their agenda to their manipulative, sly, and wily partners.


Willing to exercise any advantage they can engineer, venture into any limited area, cross any line, and take the steps that the police would not, these people are ready to solve murder cases. The book is renowned for is quirky and diverse set of characters, set along the tight plot with a variety of secrets and hints. The Thursday Murder Club is entertaining and delightful – which may lighten up your series of crime fiction. Choose this if you are looking for an intelligent, engaging and offbeat storytelling.  

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