Take Me Apart summary

Take Me Apart summary

Take Me Apart by Sara Sligar (Author)

Debut with psychological suspense, Sara Sligar tells in Take Me Apart Summary a story of a young archivist, whose tender grasp on sanity is threatened by her obsession with her subject’s questionable death.

Miranda Brand is a famed photographer, who was suddenly taken away by death at the height of her career. The whole area of Callinas was shocked, but no one could find out the whys and hows. Tens of years later, her son decides to open the old wounds again by hiring the ex-journalist to investigate the case and also build an archive of his mother’s work.

Looking into Miranda’s life, Kate found traces of an artist, so vibrant under the bounds of motherhood, marriage, and also ambition. Cruel rumors about the photographer arose as the shocking nicks and picks of her private life is uncovered. Navigating her way around her own secrets, the infatuation with Theo the son, Kate pushes finally come to shoves as she stumbles upon the diary that promises to put an end to the case, but opens the Pandora box of her obsession.

Moody and haunting, Take me apart summary depicts three intricating main characters, one only exists through words and pieces of arts. The author skillfully weaves the details into a web of lies and secrets, sliding back and forth between the present and the past, and teach the readers a lesson on how to read evidence through the objects once belonged to a deceased one. This is noir in its newest form.


As you navigate through the pages, keep yourself grounded by reminding that this is only a work of fiction, one that renders you unable to stop turning pages. Also, mansions, handsome millionaires, fine art, and passion, what’s not to like? Stunning, to say the least of the debut. 

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Sara Sligar is an author and academic based in Los Angeles. Her debut novel, Take Me Apart, is a literary thriller about an archivist who becomes obsessed with her subject's mysterious death. Sara holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Pennsylvania and currently teaches at the University of Southern California.


"My favorite debut crime novel of 2020 . . . just spot on about transforming life into art and who gets sacrificed ― particularly women ― as a result."
―Sarah Weinman, The Crime Lady

"A juicy thriller."
Entertainment Weekly

"Sun-soaked noir . . . While it does revolve around a mystery, it’s really just fiction, the kind that makes you want to turn the pages . . . Take Me Apart has frequent flashes of fine art, and many passages sparkle with Sligar’s style . . . Sligar explores the sticky territory of power dynamics between men and women, whether boss and employee, teacher and student, or husband and wife. She threads a scathing feminist critique throughout both narratives, nailing all the right talking points of the current discourse."
―Randy Rosenthal, Los Angeles Review of Books

"By turns, a West Coast art-world satire, an erotic romance and a descent into madness [with a] gratifying conclusion."
―Tom Nolan, The Wall Street Journal

"Dark and poetic. The atmosphere Sligar builds in the house where Kate works is superb, and the way Miranda’s papers are incorporated into the narrative is outstanding because they allow the dead artists to become main characters . . . A brave novel that demands to be read . . . Readers get a strong, brilliant, flawed woman that is a truly memorable character whose haunting voice permeates the narrative . . . Fast and immediate, real and relatable."
Gabino Iglesias, Criminal Element

"Art! Archives! Big houses! Brooding, handsome millionaires! This book has everything."
―Molly Odintz, CrimeReads

"The mysteries at the core of both Kate's and Miranda's stories ― what happened to Kate to precipitate her breakdown, and was Miranda's death actually a suicide? ― are what drives the tension of the book, and they'll keep you turning pages . . . [a] careful, nuanced exploration of depression and the ways in which society can use it to make a person feel powerless . . . A rich, impressive debut."
―Arianna Rebolini, Buzzfeed

"At the center of this dark drama is mental illness . . . Reading it is painful. Yet, these are some of the novel’s strongest pages . . . A reading experience like peeling an onion layer by layer . . . You can put this book down, just not for long."
―Don Oldenberg, USA Today

"A dark, thoughtful thriller."
―Bethanne Patrick, The Washington Post

"Kate and Miranda are vividly rendered, and an entire novel could easily be crafted out of Miranda's fascinating diary, letters, and other ephemera, snippets of which are sprinkled liberally throughout. Sligar delivers an intriguing mystery while tackling big themes, especially sexism and the societal restraints placed on women's bodies and minds. The results are spellbinding. A raw and sophisticated debut."
Kirkus, starred review

"A thriller so raw and gripping, you won’t be able to put it down . . . The mystery will captivate you while the writing makes everything that much better."