Girl Gone Mad summary

Girl Gone Mad summary

Girl Gone Mad by Avery Bishop (Author)

Not an easy to read book as the story begins with vicious bullying scenes. A little girl is singled out and treated with malice by another group of youngsters, so bad that the victim wanted to end it all by suicide. Many years later, she takes justice into her own hand.

As saddening as it might sound, this cliché has been exploited greatly in literature, only to be made alive again this time. Not quite what you’d expect from a conventional psychological thriller, the tale starts slow, but the web design gonna suck you into a complex and suspending escalation. When the reader thinks they finally know what is going on, they find out they don’t! Expect a sleight of hand, only this time it’s between the lines.

It is reported that this book has gained cult status for the sub-renge of middle-school bullying and revenge. If society doesn’t give you justice, then lead karma back to bite them, if not now then in the future. From chapter 4 on, the twists and turns start to show up, blending perfectly well with added details. For a typical theme, the developments of the story are sure surprising.

The main character of the story is Emily Bennet, who has recently come to terms with the demons that have haunted her since her past of bullying other people. Although she is working as a therapist now, Emily used to belong to a group of typical mean girls called the “Harpies”. These bad bad girls enjoyed themselves in violence and even assaulting their own kinds. Deciding to leave her past behind, Emily wakes up one day to find that a former click member was discovered dead (by suicide, allegedly). Fear for her safety, Emily reached out to other members who were still living nearby. She meets Courtney in the process, a single mother of a 10-year-old daughter, who is struggling in an impoverished situation.

The two began to track to the root of the problem: Grace Farmer – a member of the clique who was sexually assaulted by the rest of the team. As Emily and Courtney drove to the rural township that Grace’s family was residing, they were informed coldly that they are only getting what they deserve. The situation gets more condemning as Grace keeps flickering in and out of her line of vision.

One day, the sweet young daughter of Courtney mysteriously disappeared from her apartment, and all hell broke loose.


Aside from the wonderful main storyline, there are also pops of unpleasant characters whom Regina George would look shy in comparison. Also, blasphemy is prominent and you can’t skip through all the F-bombs and cussing. This is, unfortunately, why the book is rated so badly on some platforms. If you can handle strong language, then this should not be an issue.