Where the Crawdads Sing Summary

Where the Crawdads Sing Summary

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens (Author)

Have been dominating the top position of lists since forever, Where the Crawdad’s sing of Delia Ownen is a hard-to-ignore phenomenon that captures your attention whether you mean to or not. What’s more, this wonderful book doesn’t show any sign of leaving the list in the foreseeable future.

The Summary of this book is about a lonely town named Barkley Cove, which is heavily haunted by the ghost of “Marsh Girl”. She is both a sensitive and intelligent woman, who has forsaken the normal life of a country girl to find solitude in the marsh, making friends with gulls and spend her leisure days in the sand. When the inevitable urges to touch and be touched comes, she, unfortunately, encountered two men from her town. With her wild beauty and intricating existence, the three entangled themselves in love and lies.

The novel encompasses the whole span of Kya’s life, although a big part of it focuses only on the period between 1965 and 1970. We first knew about Kya Clark in the year of 1952, in the harsh that had become a haven for runaway slaves and fugitive, which is located not too far from Barkley Cove. Run by its distinct survival rules, the harsh witnesses how all family members of Kya leaves her one by one, leaving the girl to survive only on soda crackers. When she was 7 years old, Kya attended second grade only to get herself a hot lunch, but was hissed away by the other kids who cruelly called her “swamp trash”. For years on end, the girl keeps herself alive by picking mussels, then trades them for dry goods.

The only friend Kya had was Tate, who shared with her the love for nature, and also taught her how to read. The building romance between the two cut short when Tate went to college. The next man in her life, Chase Andrews wooed the girl over picnics when she reached 19. Does he love her, or he is just making a trophy out of the girl?


The novel makes for extraordinary characters, whose loneliness makes them sympathetic figures. It’s classic literature, flavored with hints of mystery and romance, all in a poetic writing style.