The Aviator’s Wife summary

The Aviator’s Wife summary

The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin (Author)

After the acclaimed success of The Paris Wife and Loving Frank, the author Melanie Benjamin now talks about one of the American most powerful couple: Anne Morrow and Charles Lindbergh.

Anne Morrow grows up standing under the shadows of the people around her. Her father is the U.S ambassador in Mexico and her older sister who often makes people day. Now a senior college student, Anne finds out about her literary passions. Their family is spending Christmas in Mexico when she meets Colonel Charles. The man has just finished his first solo flight back and forth across the Atlantic. His fame and assurance took people breath away, everybody has to turn their head, making Anne think that there was no place in his eyes for her.

Little does Anne know that Charles can see through her and finds consolidation in her: a fellow adventurer and a kindred spirit. As the two come to marriage, the press makes it to their headlines. A veteran in the fame area, Charles does what he can to shield their new love life from prying eyes. This inadvertently puts Anne in the same situations that she was: standing in people’s shadows. As much as she strives in the following year (and eventually rewarded as US first female glider pilot), the public still regards her as no more than a celebrity aviator’s wife. The fairy tale prince she longed for ends up bringing her no more than the misery she suffered as a kid. However, this time, there is still some positive as it pushes her to look for change, independence, and happiness.

The story takes place in the twentieth century and includes a cameo from notable names of the time, the fiction does an excellent job describing the infinite possibilities that love and personal development can bring about.