It Would Be Night in Caracas summary

It Would Be Night in Caracas summary

It Would Be Night in Caracas by Karina Sainz Borgo (Author)

It Would Be Night in Caracas Summary tells the story about a woman who has to fight for the safety of her life amid the dangerous, deadly, and turbulent Venezuela; at the same time looking for a way to secure her future.

Caracas is a city in Venezuala, also the place where the tale happens. From the first pages, we can see the main character – Adelaida Falcon – standing over a grave that is yet to be covered. It is the final place where her mother lies, the only family that she has ever known. Now there is nothing by her side, but for harried undertakers.

Going back to the now lonely apartment, Adelaida feels the cold inside her heart. Every night she lies in bed awake, looking out the window that is taped shut to stop the tear gas from the street from seeping in. Protests are going on: the city is in an economic crisis that leads to violent upheavals. Revolutionaries are taking over in the theme of political instability, resulting in looters masquerading everywhere and assault people. One of the victims is Adelaida, who is beaten up for resisting one night.

Along with her downfall, the country also gets itself into turbulence. Violence is integrating itself in every corner of the street, anarchy is evident as the people pitted again themselves. Desperately searching for an escape, Adelaida must take the gruesome opportunity that just might secure her escape into a more peaceful future.

This is not a bedtime read, for the pages are filled with turns and twists, and the words are urgent and powerful. The novel is translated from Spanish., What are we when the world around us crumbles?

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Karina Sainz Borgo was born and raised in Caracas. She began her career in Venezuela as a journalist for El Nacional. Since immigrating to Spain ten years ago, she has written for Vozpópuli and collaborates with the literary magazine Zenda. She is the author of two nonfiction books, Tráfico y Guaire (2008) and Caracas Hip-Hop (2008). It Would Be Night in Caracas is her first work of fiction.


“The voice of a conscience… Dry, concise, direct, with an extraordinary stirring force… Sainz Borgo’s novel is simply masterful.” (Fernando Aramburu, author of Homeland)

 “The next literary sensation.” (El Mundo)

“A propulsively written, harrowing story, as desperate as it is timely.” (Kirkus Reviews (starred review))

“Borgo’s beautiful prose belies the brutal reality of the breakdown in civil society she lays bare in this powerful literary look at strife-torn Venezuela…” (Booklist)

“Sainz Borgo’s excellent debut is a harrowing account of one woman grieving the recent death of her mother while attempting to survive the political unrest in Caracas, Venezuela.” (Publishers Weekly (starred review) )

“Echoes of Borges in a novel of war-torn Venezuela…the writing is tense and complex…dynamic.” (New York Times)