Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From summary

Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From summary

Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From by Jennifer De Leon (Author)

The debut of Jennifer De Leon is praised by best-selling author Celeste Ng as “A much-needed story told by a funny, perceptive and much-needed book”. Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From tells the story of a student named Liliana Cruz. She is the only person of color in her entire school, also her former inner-city Boston neighborhood which she feels familiar with is miles apart (the distance is not just physical).

Seizing the opportunity for academic development as soon as she sees it, this young Latina woman wasn’t ready emotionally for the cultural cost that requires her to sacrifice more than she was willing to. Trying so hard to fit in, Liliana Cruz experiences the coming-of-age story that in laced with racial tension and immigrants issues.


If you are also straddling between two cultures, you’re going to feel familiar with the tales told by this book. As a teenager, Liliana doesn’t only have to deal with sexual urges, personality growth, but also be on the opposite side to her entire school. 

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"A thought-provoking tale about navigating race and immigration issues." (Kirkus Reviews )

"An energetically paced, boundary-pushing novel that raises important questions of race, identity, belonging, true friendship, and how to stand up for a cause you truly believe in." (Booklist )

"Familiar territory for readers who straddle two cultures, for anyone who has had to be a newcomer, and, in this era, anyone who has ever worried about the impact of deportation on families. A timely addition to most collections." (School Library Journal )

"De Leon’s debut handles issues such as immigration, deportation, assimilation, and Trump-era racial tensions in a humorous yet resonant way." (Publishers Weekly )