The Great Demon King

Great Demon King

This review is for the book, “The great demon king: The True History of the Kamaal Empire,” by author Lance Nelson. My first time reading Lance Nelson’s book I felt that I missed something. I am a fan of his fiction, but this one just seemed different to me.

I have seen reviews that call this novel the greatest work ever written, I agree with that statement, but not for the reasons that some people think. It doesn’t make my list of top 100 novels. I just felt that it was simply a well written, and even if a little confusing to work. There is a lot of history in the book, and lots of names that sound familiar, but the historical content is quite small.

There is a weak basis for any storyline in this book. The world that Lance Nelson is in describes an age that did not exist, so you are left wondering who is really the ruler of the place. He tries to explain this in the beginning of the book, but it does not make much sense at all.

I thought that author Lance Nelson did a good job describing some of the cultures and traditions that were present. He is definitely a world historian, and that is what he is trying to do in this book. There is no denying that there were a lot of cultures and traditions that existed in these tribes, because they lived in the time of the old Stone Age. Some of the cultures were as advanced as any civilization can be today.

There was a small but interesting group of people that lived in this place. They had spears and bows and arrows, and some knew how to build homes. I don’t know how much can be learned from fiction, but this was interesting reading that I enjoyed.

I liked the fact that the book had plenty of historical references, but I felt that I could tell which ones were the more accurate, and which ones were the more plausible. I would like to read an author who has researched every detail of history before writing his books. That is the only way I could see why the book was so long.

“The Great Demon King” is not a fast read, it is well written, but it has a lot of history that doesn’t seem to have a connection to anything that has happened in the modern times. I guess I have to read other titles from this author, and compare them to the original work. It may not be perfect, but it is better than a lot of other authors. All in all, I liked the story of the book, but it just didn’t seem that I got all the facts about the characters.

Author Lance Nelson gives a lot of background to the background of the author, and how the writer came to write the book. It is not only his own opinion but he also gives some speculation on how this civilization actually came to be, which makes the story interesting.