Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief by Sun Wook Lee

light novel

rebirth to a military marriage: good morning chief” is a light novel featuring the world of Heaven’s Lost and the Earth side characters as the MC and his love interest are transported to the heavens. The storyline follows an MC on a mission to save his fallen girlfriend and the secret behind the heroine. This light novel takes place at first in the future that resembles the Earth and Heaven’s Lost’s setting and afterwards in the present day that resembles the MC’s life during the middle age. The story is told from the viewpoint of the MC while the heroine only exists on Earth.

Unlike many light novels, the plot of this novel is more complicated than usual. There are several things that complicate the storyline, and if you don’t follow the story closely, it would be hard to understand what the MC is doing. One major problem of this novel is that the author’s purpose for creating it, on the Earth, is sometimes not clear. I found that the first half of the book, where the MC and the heroine are in heaven, has many different perspectives. And since the entire book consists of chapters from several perspectives, it makes it hard to follow the story.

One of the reasons why I love this light novel is because of the characters and their strengths and weaknesses. The protagonist and his love interest are very interesting and their personalities could fit into any kind of relationship and is usually very independent. The MC is funny yet very brave. He constantly listens to his father and keeps up with his responsibilities as a military man.

Rebirth to a military marriage: good morning chief is written in short chapters where the MC is caught between fighting a war and saving a girl who is precious to him. The first half of the book consists of chapters focusing on the villain as he plans to take over the world with his super soldier army. The author does a great job making the reader work harder to understand the course of events in the second half of the book and wants us to think ahead and do some research before we continue reading.

For people who are not familiar with the story or the protagonists, Rebirth to a military marriage: good morning chief is a light novel that will challenge your judgment and will make you learn something about the characters and their flaws. It is definitely worth reading because of the unique style and well-written storyline.

Another interesting aspect of this light novel is the first half where the MC and the heroine are in heaven. In this chapter, the MC is in his typical military clothing and eating with his soldiers. The heroine is depicted as a sweet and loving girl who saves the MC from several enemies and gives him some clothes after saving him.

As a result of her actions, the heroine finds herself in heaven and takes part in a book-reading competition. Since they never leave each other’s sight during the book, the MC does not realize that she is in heaven until the end of the book. The two soon find themselves in a love triangle but the author makes it interesting by focusing on different parts of the MC and the heroine’s lives.

I highly recommend Rebirth to a military marriage: good morning chief to anyone who wants to read something interesting about a military man. I also recommend this novel to people who want to learn about how love can overcome obstacles and how the love for someone can turn into a stronger and more intelligent relationship. Rebirth to a military marriage: good morning chief is recommended for romance lovers who want to see their loved ones grow and experience something new.