Publishing a Novel – What it Means For You

What does a novel want to do for you? How can you make the most of your novel and increase its odds of making you rich and famous? A few techniques could improve your chances of making your novel known by other writers.

Why should you care about publishing a novel? Do you have a story idea that has the potential to make you money? Does this idea make you laugh or cry? Or perhaps, is this idea just so freaking amazing that you feel you need to share it with others?

Consider how your novel fits into the bigger picture. How many writers are trying to get their novels published? Have you considered how others will perceive you? Have you thought about what role your novel will play in the world? If your novel has a strong story arc and powerful characters, would you be successful in pitching it to an agent?

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Lastly, your decision to publish or not publish a novel is entirely up to you. Some people want to just publish the work out of pure ego. Others choose to focus on making sure their books will sell.

You might wonder what happens when you see that you don’t sell your novel. Well, you could post the manuscript online and hope for a few interested parties to see it. Or, you could save your manuscript for yourself, keeping it from the public until you feel it’s ready.

If you decide to hold off on publishing your novel until you’re comfortable that it’s ready, consider what you would do if you ever wanted to sell it. Would you sell it yourself? Or would you use an agent to represent your book?

Choosing the agent for your novel involves a great deal of research. Perhaps, you should hire a professional to research your novel. Your agent could do some of the research or he or she could have a few people in place to do research and carry out other duties. You’d be much better off if you were able to go on a hiring spree for a few agents, picking the ones who seem to have a good relationship with you and the one you feel will be the best for your particular novel.

Publishing a novel does not have to be a big gamble for anyone. Simply see it as another skill to be learned.