Martial God Asura – Book Review

Martial God Asura

Ryoko Asakura, in this martial god asura light novel, is a young female assassin who’s recruited by Umemura Noriko, as her companion. Noriko also has no superhuman powers, but she is one of the top ten most wanted women in Japan. Noriko’s said to be ruthless as she is a very powerful woman.

The series’ title comes from the two phrases “Shinso Wo Sukoshi Shimasu” which means “The Battle of Enlightenment” in Japanese. The phrase Shinso means Zen and Shimasu mean Surrender. The phrase Surrender means that those who surrender to God are in essence surrendering their souls to Him. In turn they become his instrument of justice and thus completely obedient to what he commands.

Thus in Martial God Asura series, the universe is ruled by the Martial God. In other words the universe is said to be governed by the existence of the Martial God. Thus being able to defeat such a being is a source of honor and the glory of the warrior.

Also in this light novel, Asakura’s being able to stand up to the fact that she has to kill the person that she loves. She’s then able to take her own life and thus never have to kill.

The Martial God is not only in the light novel but it’s also portrayed as Asakura being able to stand up to the fact that her mentor that has been training her from a young age has turned out to be an evil character. Her mentor is revealed to be Ogon or the Kobold. Thus Asakura ends up killing her and gets revenge on him.

The light novel continues with her becoming involved in many different challenges and she’s almost continuously promoted into a higher position. Beingsuccessful in these challenges is what leads her to seek out the Martial God. In turn he reveals himself to be a God, the creator of the universe and thus she becomes his disciple.

Also in the light novel, Asakura also encounters several gods, all of whom are not as good as the one from the light novel. When she meets other Gods, the ones she defeats are said to be very similar to the ones in the light novel. This is what gives rise to her and some of the other Gods, being changed by the force of their powers and becoming even more powerful.

In the end of the light novel, the Martial God is revealed to be someone who’s in this world but not really in this world, thus it’s actually a presence to the world but not really in this world. He’s in this world but doesn’t really want anything to do with this world.