Inma No Hado: The Novel by Riku Aoki

When it comes to easy and fun ways to wind down from a hard day at work, we can’t go wrong with Inma No Hado: The Novel by Riku Aoki. Based on a story by Aoki himself, the novel is as entertaining as it is intriguing. It also gives us a look into what life is like in the world of Japan’s “Kamikaze” suicide pilots and the great stress that this lifestyle imposes on their families and friends.

Inma No Hado

The title of the novel is self-explanatory – there are many pilots who chose to end their lives when all of the others in their unit were killed in battle. The story revolves around the life of a pilot named Seiichi Fujiwara, his wife, Mariko, and their young son, Akio. Seiichi was thought to be one of the most promising Kamikaze pilots. However, he was not interested in fighting for the emperor, he preferred to live an easy life on the beach. One day his plane crashes into the ocean, and he is found a short time later, dead.

As the story opens, Akio is a little boy who has been brought up by his mother after his father was killed in a horrible accident that took place while they were out on a fishing trip. His father was actually the first of his family to die in a war and he grew up thinking of his mother as a good friend. The problem was that while he lived an easy life, his mother did not. She was constantly concerned about what she could afford and whether or not she would be able to pay the bills, and she always felt that she had done nothing to deserve the life that she led.

While the title of the novel may suggest that the problem with Akio is that he is a perfect stranger to the story, the truth is that the problem lies within his mother. Mariko Fujiwara is the main cause of the stress in the story as she gets older and realizes the pain that she feels every time she has to go to work because she cannot manage her own finances.

There are several Kamikaze pilots who fly into battle only to find that they cannot make it home again. The pilots of the Odaiba, for example, had been members of the organization that has fought and won against the Allied forces numerous times before and would have made the perfect Kamikaze pilots. The crash of their plane, however, changed the way the Odaiba pilots saw their destiny and ultimately changed their fate forever.

The story takes place in the fictional nation of Yamato, which is depicted in the story as a serene, beautiful place, with a very strong sense of community that is part of the appeal of the novel. Although it seems that all of the people are interested in living an easy, carefree life, the reality is that things are not always what they seem in the Yamato, and the problems of those who live in the city of Yamato are far from simple.

Some of the best scenes in Inma No Hado involve characters who do not really seem to be trying to kill themselves or anyone else; their deaths just seem like accidents. Of course, most of these accidents are caused by something that these characters did to themselves, but their circumstances and lifestyles are so complicated that they simply cannot keep out of trouble. In the end, the readers get to see what life is like on the other side of the lines of life and death.

If you want a light entertainment that will entertain you while also giving you some idea of what it is like to be a pilot who choose to take their own lives, then you should read this book. This novel will remind you that life is not always easy and will certainly give you more than enough fodder for a novel!