How to Create a Battle Through the Heavens Novel


Children love to read stories and one of the best way of learning is through novels. Novels are not only educational but can also entertain a reader. A story that has a good plot, characters and a good setting will be liked by all people. The purpose of this article is to share with readers how to create a good plot and characters for a battle through the heavens novel.

Firstly, you have to learn about the importance of some plot and character in the story. The plot determines the central action of the novel. Characters are the people portrayed in the story. You can’t decide the outcome of a novel without the help of both of them. Good plots allow readers to find their own way to solve the problems by themselves and good characters will bring life to the story.

A good way to determine a plot is by observing some key moments in the story. These moments will tell you about the characters’ emotions. For example, when a character is going through a tough time, he will have a hard time to deal with it. His stress will show in his facial expression and his behavior. His inability to control his emotions will reveal the main point of the story.

After identifying these key moments, you can now decide what will happen to the characters. For example, if you have a villain, he will most likely destroy everything around him. If the hero feels hopeless, he will also get into a bad situation.

Now you can look at the main theme in the novel. Main themes are usually things that happen to the characters all throughout the story. To figure out the main theme, you have to consider about how the character will deal with this theme. He will be confronted with many situations and problems which may hinder his progress.

To find a good plot, you have to spend some time in writing a novel. Research on your topic and identify key points of the story. To build a strong plot, you have to know the details about your subject. You also have to identify what will bring life to the story.

A good plot requires you to include all the important characters in the novel. Then you have to identify their personalities so that the reader will identify with them. In writing a Battle Through the Heavens novel, you need to think about all the characters’ thoughts and behaviors so that they will stay in the reader’s mind.

By writing the story, you will learn how to write a Battle Through the Heavens novel. The more details you include in your novel, the better your novel will be. Besides, it will help you in making sure that your novel will be successful.