Fantasy Lover – A Review of the Bokurei No Yuusha Novel

In this first book of the Bokurei no Nidome series, the sequel to Fantasy Lover, Yuusha uses the Book of Boons and Zantetsu to defeat Nidome, who is now an advisor to the Emperor of Fair. Yuusha and Kikuo, an agent of the Emperor, are called to investigate a murder that took place in the Dreyen. Yuusha and Kikuo discover that Nidome is not the only outsider in the Fayrean Court. Yuusha and Kikuo help their tutor, Yangou of Fair, a priest who has been trying to save his people from their past.

Nidome No Yuusha

When Kikuo finds out that Yuusha has been chosen to be Yangou’s grandson, he warns Yuusha of a local witch, Yuksa. Yuksa was once the favorite of the Emperor, but her attraction to an enigmatic young nobleman and love for his daughter led her to become a witch and seduce him. Yuksa and her lover escaped the shackles of the gods and fled to the forest, where they lived peacefully. When Yuusha and Kikuo arrive at Yuksa’s home, they find a small village, consisting mainly of women and children, who are all killed.

Yuksa and her lover were trapped in a lake with hungry tigers. They escaped and decided to live in the forest, away from humans. But when Yuusha and Kikuo arrive at Yuksa’s home, they find that the villagers have been taken to another town, Zaiwa, by the forces of the sorcerer, Mugir.

Kikuo tries to get Yuksa to help Yuusha and Mugir, but Yuksa won’t believe them. The sorceress plans to use Mugir’s Zantetsu to kill everyone in Zaiwa except for herself, and then take over Zaiwa.

Yuksa is told that Mugir needs his daughter for a sacrifice to the gods, and will not be able to use Zantetsu to kill her. Yuksa and Kikuo rescue Kikuo’s friend, Bob, and they fight against the sorceress. Yuksa’s daughter, once the sacrifice is made, is carried away by a dragon, and Yuksa returns to the ruined village, now a graveyard.

While Yuksa is away, Yuusha and Kikuo visit Oob, who has a son named Niro, whom he had not seen since he was a child. They find a dismembered hand, but no other clues. They go to the site of the destruction of Zaiwa, where Kikuo discovers a village, which has already been destroyed. They find no evidence of any monsters, but the villagers have vanished, and all of their belongings have been burned, except for a few items, including a couple of guns.

When Yuksa and Kikuo return to Zaiwa, they discover that it is empty, except for a broken bridge. They find a pair of handcuffs on the remains of a man. Oob recognizes the broken bridge as the one they had previously used to cross the river. Niro, who has been raised by wolves, believes that the village was destroyed by a wolf attack.

This magical setting is one of the advantages of Yasmelandian works. The prose is rich and engaging, with a mix of Japanese and English that is well-suited to the culture and the theme. The characters are lively and complex, and the story is fun and exciting. Readers will be entertained by this fast-paced adventure and will be eager to read more Yasmelandian novels.

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