Book Review – The Charm of Soul Pets by Patricia Briggs

The Charm of Soul Pets” is the fifth book in the “Angelica Saga.” This is a wonderful book and is so wonderfully written, you’ll feel that you’ve stepped back in time to the Victorian era, or even earlier. For those not familiar with the book, this is an incredible story about a girl named Angelica, who with her uncle Ed, has lost her mind.


An evil doctor named anne drives Angelica insane, and she is locked up in a dark underground bunker for what seems like eternity. However, the only thing that keeps her sane is one cat, The Charm of Soul Pets.

Angelica is trying to move on from all of the turmoil that took place during her childhood years, and that she was raised in an orphanage. However, she still has her memories, and she wants to get rid of them.

The Charm of Soul Pets is also a great book for any teenager that loves books, because it takes a look at the characters that seem to be known by all of us, and how they interact with each other. Each chapter is filled with action, and mystery, all while being a fantasy story.

I had read this novel many times before, but it’s amazing that it’s such a good old fairy tale at the same time. The Charm of Soul Pets is entertaining and makes it easy to read this book, but it’s also very detailed and realistic.

Each character that appears in this novel has their own personality, and if you love reading about characters that can act like “Spam”Dinosaur”, then you will really enjoy The Charm of Soul Pets. And that’s a very good thing, because the characters are realistic, and they have their own personalities.

Even though the author did a great job in the creation of the characters, the main problem I had with this novel was that there were very few details on the monsters that Angelica’s uncle Ed is hunting down. The author has a great imagination and is able to bring out the “evil genius” that Ed was, but Angelica’s uncle Ed doesn’t seem to have much else going for him.

Overall, “The Charm of Soul Pets” is a great book that any teenager or adult will enjoy. You can’t go wrong with this book, and I highly recommend this one to anyone who enjoys fairy tales.

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