Book Review of Ruthann Scott’s True Martial World Series – By Heather O’Rourke

True Martial World

Author Ruthann Scott’s true martial world novel is unique in many ways. It is a fantasy thriller that combines elements of police procedural fiction, military action and mystery in a unique way. It is an entertaining read and sets the stage for the many sequels in this world of martial arts.

The first section of the novel begins with an unknown mysterious assassin. He follows the protagonist, Claire McCoy, to find and kill him. Upon meeting him, he explains that he is the main character of the story and is assigned to her by the authorities. She agrees and begins to follow him into secret missions where he must fight his way through a variety of enemies to reach the “threat”.

Clues are scattered throughout the novel, most intriguingly when someone offers to lead them to the hidden body of a girl. She was murdered by some person using a dagger and it was embedded with a small amount of silver in the handle. A piece of hair was also found nearby. Inside the pocket was a small knife, seemingly used to stab her. While staking out the location, a pair of boots were found and a single bullet was discovered.

As the narrative progresses into the second section, we find that this assassin is not simply a simple killer, but a possible third person shooter. He may be more than he seems and may have other intentions. A disturbing feeling of unease begins to set in when the novel reveals the woman who appears to be his next victim and is not killed in the attack.

The True Martial World book series continues in the third installment “Rise of the Sword” written by Ruthann Scott. In this installment, a young boy finds a mysterious weapon in his father’s possession and kills him. This mysterious weapon has a series of hidden meanings and can also be used for a variety of uses. The novel ends with a small note saying that the book series is currently finished.

Although the series is complete, there are already plans for several sequel novels. With some of the reviews of this book, some readers have questioned if the author actually knows martial arts. However, it seems that she does, which is another reason to purchase this novel.

Overall, this novel is a bit on the difficult side to read, especially for someone who does not know martial arts and will therefore be at a disadvantage in the writer’s ability to portray her characters. However, it is interesting to read and a very good start to a new fantasy series. If you enjoy mysteries and a couple of bloodless fights, then you will likely enjoy this novel.

Author Ruthann Scott’s True Martial World series offers an interesting combination of style and intrigue with a limited amount of action and mystery with a surprising plot. If you enjoy sci-fi and mystery fiction, you should purchase this series.