Against the Gods – Light Novel

The title of Kiyoshi Kodama’s Against the Gods light novel comes from a movie of the same name by the same director Makoto Shinkai. This is the first time that Kodama’s name has appeared in this anime adaptation of his novel light series. In the anime, he is shown in a more positive light, which makes sense because this was meant to make the viewers appreciate his works in the light novel.

Against the Gods

For readers, I will talk about the character’s introduction and the scenes that I liked the most. When I started the manga, I wasn’t expecting too much of the anime adaptations. I was more interested in getting more light novels instead of having a weekly anime series. So I found it a bit disappointing for me when the anime that I have been looking forward to was a light novel adaptation.

Shizuka is an acquaintance of Kodama’s. She is the character who met Kodama when she was younger. Their relation is different compared to the one between Kodama and Megumi, as they met when their mothers were sick. However, she seemed like a nice person that I would like to spend some time with. I wanted to learn more about her since it was already illustrated in the beginning of the series that she is Kodama’s friend.

In the light novel, Shizuka is a tomboyish girl. She is known to be shy around boys and would act more serious than usual. I think that her female traits were what attracted me to her. She was the type that could be treated as a friend in a way, but not in a romantic way. As a friend, she does care about Kodama and wants to help him.

I liked the most Shizuka as my favorite character. She is a real character with more depth compared to others. Kodama has already shown how nice he is to women before, but this is the first time that he got close to a female. His actions also gave out more feeling than in the past. It was also an interesting surprise to see that Kodama’s friend is Shizuka, the only female character that didn’t have any romantic interest in him.

Of course, the scenes where the relationship between Kodama and Shizuka was shown were more interesting than those scenes of Kodama and Megumi. Shizuka’s character wasn’t developed too much, but we still got a glimpse of her kind of character. Her reactions to Kodama were also believable. But I think that most of my problem was not regarding the development of Shizuka’s character. I just wish that the moments that I was waiting for were shown in the anime so that I would have got more of Kodama’s story.

I also liked the scene in the light novel when Shizuka was sent to her room by Kodama after he finds out that she had another boyfriend. Kodama said that it would be a good idea if she could leave Megumi alone. He was trying to protect her from being hurt by someone else, but it can be said that it was just to be mean. I found that his words were hurtful, but I understood that his intentions were good.

Overall, I am still satisfied with the new light novel in Kodama’s story. Since I liked the anime better, I went back to the series and I was happy that I have read his light novel. I am glad that I can read more of his works since I liked his previous work very much. I am also happy that he is getting his long awaited anime adaptation.