The Smallest Lights In The Universe summary

The Smallest Lights In The Universe summary

The Smallest Lights In The Universe summary by Sara Seager  (Author)

In this memoir, Sara Seager – the MIT astrophysics – emerges again from her tragedies and seeks for connection with this planet, in the meantime finding another Earth in the galaxy.

Since she was a child, the love for the stars has been published inside Sara Seager. She wonders what possibility does that many stars can hold? Now, as a pioneering scientist in the planetary fields, she opens a new search for exoplanets – the ones that can sustain living beings in the distant world.

Comes the unexpected death of her husband, which makes she wonders again, but this time about the purpose of her life. At forty, the woman is now a widow and single mother, in the family with her two little sons. The universe once so promising, now just seems lonely to her.

This time, the elusive plants is her solace as she struggles to navitage her life. The technical challenges that arise along with the exploration can not discorage her no more. At the same time, the spiritual feeling that many mediation practitioners report comes to her, bit by bit. The magic expands, as she is welcomed by loved ones and strangers alike into new walks of life. The strangest ones among them must be the Widows of Concor, a group of life-minded women that provide support and wisdom on how to fix household appliances, dating and how to raise children on her own. Much to her surprise, the one-in-a-billion match also intrude into her life.


Honest and probing, the Smallest Lights in the Universe is a wondrous source of hope and surprise. Readers say that this books leaves them feeling comforted, as they know in this darkness we call home, loneliness doesn’t have a stand. 

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