The Amazing Journey of Jou-Kaku

The Amazing Journey of Jou-Kaku

A close friend of mine is currently reading the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei novel. He has read this book over a number of times. I also have friends who have read this book several times. The reasons why this novel has taken hold of people are truly fascinating.

The story follows the main character Jou, the son of a rich aristocrat. His childhood was one full of tragedy. His father was killed by a mysterious force. For revenge, his mother raised her three sons as her own. There were rumors that her sons were locked away somewhere.

When a mysterious woman offers to kill Jou’s father for her, he realizes his destiny as an assassin. The “Mother” comes into the scene later. The mysterious woman names herself “The Goddess”. When she attacks Jou, she curses the boy with her “will” to live a life of death. She makes him fight in a battle of ten thousand men.

Jou was trained and committed to the secret to live a life of death, but what he did not realize was that he needed to learn how to live and die in real life. So he heads out to Japan, where he becomes a knight in the honor and glory of his ancestors. He also became an Assassin. He decides to become like a warrior that the clan holds in such high regard.

The story was made even more interesting by the fact that it was based on a realistic setting. It was based on actual Japanese history and culture. A lot of real life locations were used. The setting itself, which is in the 17th century, iscompletely accurate. The people and their customs were also completely accurate.

The Samurai class were the main characters in the story. They were the best or at least the most feared, of the knights. The classes of samurai were different based on the lord. One of the three classes was the highest.

Despite being an assassin, he still had to be cautious and wary of his enemies. The reader gets to see some of his mistakes in this respect. The secret to live a life of death is to be able to think like a samurai.

This is just a small glimpse into what a writer can do when they are not restricted to the rules of real life. A writer can make a novel as realistic as he or she wants it to be.