Planning Your Fantasy Book Series

Writing a fantasy book is no easy task. There are plenty of details and ideas that you’ll have to put in place before you can get your fantasy book off the ground. Before you start your adventure, you should decide what story arc you want your fantasy book to follow, and how many books will be in the series.

This way you can start your novel on the same point where the author ended the original work. In most cases this is at the end of the previous book or even at the beginning of the next. All the characters from the previous book will remain the same, but with a different perspective on things.

For instance, you will know what happened to the characters before the next book begins, which means you will already have a better idea of the next events. You will also know if there is any additional information you need to include to make the book a better read. If not, then you will know whether to leave out information that doesn’t relate to the plot. This is an excellent way to avoid making the reader feel confused as to what happened in the book.

It is also a good idea to plan what happens to the main characters for the last few events of the book. This will help you keep everything cohesive as you follow the plot in each subsequent book.

Every book of a series is different, and every book will come with different events, questions, and clues. Therefore you may need to write each novel separately. Your overall plot will follow the same basic outline, but you may need to put more thought into each part of the story.

The writing will be easier once you write the separate books. It is more like the individual chapters of a play, and it is possible to plan and execute events within the books independently.

It will take you longer to write the entire book, but you will be able to plan the next novels ahead of time, since you already know how everything will end up in each of the final books. Not having to guess or make decisions can save you lots of time. Your writing style will change, but it will be easier to compose for the next books of the series.

Writing a fantasy book can be quite fun, and with a little planning you can even finish in just a short amount of time. By following the steps above you can produce a fantastic fantasy book.